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“Most inspiring were Mike Seto and David Kim of Click Boom Pow, whose holistic design approach focuses on user experience and cultural impact.”

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“The project is non-for-profit, and the collective’s hope is that they will get others to develop their own interventions and contribute to a more positive, urban environment.” [/content_block] [content_block title=”Huffington Post”](View Article)

“They were fantastic — modern and minimalist.”
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“…an empowering initiative…”
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“Some of our favorite finds from New York Design Week 2011…”

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“If you are strolling around New York don’t miss the opportunity to have a look at the… inspiring eco-friendly objects exhibited within The Chelsea Art Museum.”
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“…inspired in its willingness to take on an issue as difficult as disaster relief, and highly original in its use of materials and approach.”
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“…aim to find unintended purposes for things that have an intended use.”
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“…a small, independent and very fresh design company located in New York.”
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“…an exciting urban initiative by New York based Click Boom Pow. Instead of waiting for the city to beautify their city, they took matters into their own hands by developing and distributing beautiful urban furniture throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.”
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“…a cutting-edge experiment in living showcasing creative furniture, décor, and art creating complete interior environments that redefine possibilities of interior space.”
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